Patience, My Friends

Ok. We moved. And I've totally let you all down when it comes to the details. I started the post about it all, but only got 1 sentence into it when I had to change a diaper or break up a fist fight or something. Bear with me. I'm making a goal to do one post a night until I'm all caught up.

That being said, the likelihood of really getting a post published each night is, um, very slim. We're still in the throws of unpacking and organizing and trying to get back on schedule and running out to buy the things we forgot to buy the last time we were out and running up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs. And visiting with all of our friends and family!!! And running up and down the stairs.

Did I mention we have stairs? Oh. How I hate those stairs.

So, hang in there.

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