Picture Post

On our way to Utah for Aubree's wedding. 

Aubree and Ryan newly married!
Emmy holding the bride's bouquet.
This is where we spent the afternoon. 
At the Draper temple. 
Aubree's dad, Al, with Emmy. Al was a witness at our sealing in the Oakland Temple.
One of Aubree's bridemaids. She also works for Disney (Aubree was a Disney princess in Tokyo) as Pocahontas, Esmerelda and Princess Jasmine. 
A couple of my friends asked what I wore to the wedding. Here's a quick selfie before we made our way to the ring ceremony. Um, isn't the bathroom to die for?
The girls in their super cute dresses. The place was so beautiful; they literally frolicked in the garden between events.

Said frolicking. 
A quiet moment with Aubree before the ring ceremony. 
At the reception.
Photo booth fun.
To say the kids were tired is an understatement!  Fun = exhaustion.
See above.
The winds were wicked. We drove through miles of dust storms.
Wiped out at 8:30 when we stopped for dinner. 

Sofia loves standing up and then banging on stuff. 
Farm day at preschool.
First time out of the baby bathtub. She was in awe of the space, and so thrilled to splash in the big girl tub.
Sofia is also in the "climb up mommy every.single.minute.of.the.day" phase. This is one my least favorite phases. She is quite literally pulling at my pants all the live long day.
We went to the pumpkin patch with Addie's preschool. She felt like eating part of the corn stalk so we let her.
Addie's pumpkin.
Even though Emmy is a preschool drop out, she was included in all of the activities and got her own pumpkin.
The lab had a holiday so Allen and Grandpa Bob came along.
And because we need another person who chews on inappropriate things,  pees his pants, and needs to eat every three hours, we got a puppy. His name is Uno in honor of having only one nut. But then the vet found the other. By then it was too late so he continues to be Uno even though he is really dos. 

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