An Actual Conversation

This was written to a friend of mine around 6 p.m.; for those of you unfamiliar with Medifast, 3 meals = 300 calories. I'd had 300 calories as of 6 p.m. (She is also on the plan so she totally understood what I was feeling.)

The baby had, literally, been crying all.the.live.long.day. If her eyes were open, she was crying.

 Let's not forget the other 3 kids I have who cannot do their own hair, make their own food, I still have one in diapers, dishes to be done, laundry to be washed, etc. etc...
That's no joke. My jean shorts and whatever man made crap fabric they are constructed of melted to my thighs. I had red burns under my shorts!
I STARTED MY PERIOD that very day.
Please, someone just feed me something.  As my friend said, "Just throw it in my mouth as I run by." I was depleted, deflated and near death.

And yet...

I didn't eat the pizza. 

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