On the Move: Part 1

Our move has not gone without notice, I'm sure. I've cryptically mentioned it a bazillion times. What has been lacking is an explanation and the spiritual experience that has accompanied our decision.

I've decided the easiest way to explain the entire story is to do so chronologically. You'll have to excuse the lengthy paragraphs. I'm trying to include lots of the details; not only for you, but for the future readers who will have to understand this whole thing out of context. 

Allen began working 50% of his time in California in February. He would travel every other week for a few days at a time. We knew that the travel amount would increase as time went on. We had been told the project would complete phase 1 near the end of March 2011. Let's not forget, however, that he is working for the government and these things have a tendency to be over budget and behind on deadlines. And that this was phase 1. In fact, when Allen came home to tell me they had pulled him for this assignment, I believe the first words out of my mouth were "When are we moving back to California?". I was half joking.

Allen was very upfront when he was approached about this job. He explained he had a pregnant wife, two kids 4 and under at home, and no family nearby to help when he was out of town. While his boss and peers were sympathetic to his situation, it was made very clear to him that this job would entail lots of travel. 

We talked about it and agreed that he could not refuse the job. He could not bow out of the project. It would be career damaging.

Allen would come and go. Work was extremely stressful. I was extremely grumpy. I was mad I was alone with the kids during the week. I was mad when he was home on the weekends. He would come home and need to catch up the chores, and I would, once again, be alone with the kids. I tried so hard to be happy and nice and supportive, but the sarcastic comments just kept slipping out. Allen was getting crapped on at work. He was getting crapped on at home. It wasn't pretty. 

I think it was March when he had an appointment with our stake president. Our stake president is an incredible man. You know all those shorts they have on mormon.org now? Yeah. He travels to Europe to film them. His wife? The primary president in their ward. They have 4 kids. So, he's the stake president and he works on another continent. And, he always seems glad to see us. Super awesome. Ok, so every time you meet with the guy, he gives you a priesthood blessing.

When Allen came home from the  meeting, I asked how it had gone. Great. Good. Did you get a blessing? Yeah. Well? It was nice. That's it? Um, well, I kinda don't want to mention this but...

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Rafahi Family said...

Oh come on, please don't leave me hanging! :-) I really like reading your posts Traci. You are a great writer and put your life experiences into words very well.

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