Bye Rio Grande Zoo

While Allen was busy courting his mistress working on the shed, I took the kids to the zoo. Of course, I enlisted the help of our trusty and wonderful babysitter, Kaylie. She was, as usual, awesome and totally saved my hide and prevented multiple public beatings from occurring.

The weather was great and the kids had tons of fun.

Addie ready to go!
Emily loved the zoo this time.
This is Kaylie. She has been a real life saver for our family. When I asked Lexi if she would miss her she said, "No. 'Cause she's always going to be in my heart."
Some kind of wild African cow.
This was the first time we'd ever seen the hippos out of the water. They are the weirdest animals ever.
When we stood around for a few minutes, the mama hippo got up and got the baby up and in the water. She kept nudging the daddy hippo, but he ignored her and just kept sleeping. Shocking, I know.
Throwing food to the ducks and Coi fish.
They have free roaming peacocks throughout the zoo. This one was perched up there with her two babies as we were leaving.
Lexi enjoying some R&R on the lawn during lunch.
We're going to miss this zoo. It's so clean and has so many nice exhibits. I love how close you can get to each of the animals. Not to mention, it was only 20 minutes from our house and was never crowded. If you're ever in the Albuquerque area and need something really fun and easy to do for half a day, this is definitely the place to go.

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rl_riddle said...

What fun pictures. I love the ABQ Zoo too and will miss it for a while! Props to Kaylee; good kid help is hard to find! :)

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