On the Move: Part 5

Now what do we do? Did we really just agree to move? When do we go? How long will we be gone? What are we going to do with our house? The horse? All of our stuff? Can we afford it? Will our house get trashed? Will we get there and realize we really do hate it?

We set out to answer those questions to the best of our ability. The rest? We left it up to the Lord. (As a wise friend once said to me: His plan is always so much better than ours anyway.)

The date: November 1st. A mere 6 weeks away.

How long: 18 months.

The horse: super neighbor next door would throw hay at her for us.

Our stuff: Sandia pays for packing, moving, unpacking and haul away of boxes.

Our vehicles: Shipped. Why not just drive? Um, do any of you want to drive for 2 days with my 3 kids? Exactly.

The dog: Fly.

Us: Sandia covered 5 full price tickets for us. Squee!

Could we afford it: Sandia would pay us a monthly stipend to rent a home. And, California's economy took a big dump so we could actually find ourselves a really nice house in our budget.

But what about our house: Well, since we were getting a stipend to live in California, we had to find someone to occupy our home for free. When the word got out, some of our friends mentioned they would be interested.

September was slipping through our fingers. We needed to start making things happen. I kept going through the names of those folks I thought could be possibilities. None felt right.

The end of September arrived. Still no one.

One morning, I was mentally running through the names again. Every one of them was a clear no. Who then? Who should be in this house? Over and over, the list rolled through my mind.

And then, as clear as day, the face of a man came into my mind. It was them! Oh my gosh. It made total sense. How could I have missed this?

I called Allen.

"I know who it is!"

"What are you talking about?"

"The people who should live in the house. DUH."



"Oooohhh. Who?"

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