On the Move: Part 4

The advance warning we had received about moving was still kicking around in the back of our minds. We felt we had been given a heads-up of sorts and didn't want to miss the boat. We also didn't want to make any assumptions (like we would be moving to California) about what could really happen. What if we were going to be moving elsewhere? What would it really take for us to leave behind everything we had built in New Mexico? Would we ever be willing to walk away? After all of the blood, sweat and tears we'd put into the place?

Let's not forget we moved from California for some pretty legitimate reasons. We don't like the political climate. We don't like the overall moral standing of the people influencing the powers that be (and I'm not talking about gay marriage thank-you-very-much). We don't like the way the state does business. We hated the outrageous taxes. And most of all, the invasive nature of the laws that are being passed make us want to pipe bomb the capital building.

That being said, a good part of our family lives there. Oddly enough, we both grew up in the town where we would have to relocate back to. Going back would be like coming home.

By the end of the summer, I was finally open to the idea of moving.

Allen was not. He was pretty sure moving back would be like living in hell. He was kind and patient with my constant mentioning of the idea, but it was mostly the art of "yes, dear" and not real intent.

As it was, our niece was turning 8 in August. She was also going to be baptized. We had decided a couple of years ago we would make the trip out when she got baptized and confirmed.

I was able to convince Allen to use our visit as a litmus test of sorts. If we had a great time, we would be open to the idea of moving. If we had a craptastic time, and believe me when I say the odds were in favor of this, we would grin and bear his assignment from New Mexico.

And, much to our surprise, we had an awesome time. Sure, Allen and I loved catching up with our friends and family. But, what really got us thinking was the reaction our kids had to being around their friends and family.

They seemed so much more alive. They were happy. They screamed and ran and hugged and laughed. Being around family created a whole dimension in their lives.

When we left, they sobbed. And hiccuped. And had quivering lips. They had never shown us this type of attachment to anything before. It was clear the trip had made an impression on their little hearts.

The next week Allen was telling his boss about the fun vacation we had out in California. Within 3 hours time, his boss called him back and told him, "We could really use a guy like you out there full time. If you want to go, you're approved."

At that point, the right choice became crystal clear. We were moving.

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