Halloween is, by far, my most favorite holiday of the year. I put up decorations September 30. I love to watch the scary movies that are on TV all month long. I love the fall smells and the baking. And the candy. And mostly the sweet smell of candy on my kids breath as they snuggle in after a night of treats and fun.

This year was a little different for our family. We were so focused on getting to California, I didn't even decorate. We didn't carve pumpkins or make caramel apples. We didn't make ghosty sugar cookies either.

We did dress the kiddos up and go to a few parties. We did some light trick-or-treating on our block but turned in pretty early. The kids had fun, but I really hope to go over the top next year when we can savor the season.
Sleeping Beauty ready for her preschool party. Families were invited to attend so Addie and Emmy got to come too.

Addie snuck off and suckered the teacher and mommies into filling her bag even though she wouldn't play any games.
Emmy was happy to play the whole time without any fuss.
Lexi and her awesome teacher, Mrs. Kinghorn.
On the way to trunk or treat at church. Addie thought it was just so funny to wear her candy bag on her head.
We were so disorganized that night. We grabbed dinner and ate while we trunk or treated.
Sleeping Beauty, our Monkey and cheerleader after a night on the town.

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