On the Move: Part 6

There was a hestiant pause.

"Um. Trace? We don't even know them."

"I know! But it's them. It's totally them. We'll fight about it later."

Just a few weeks prior, a new family had moved into our ward. A family of 6. They were coming back home to be close to their family in New Mexico. They had, to put it mildly, traveled a pretty rocky road the past few years. And from what I knew, by no fault of their own. Mom and Dad were both working full time. They were in a temporary housing situation that was, to put it kindly, less than ideal for their family. And, they had a newborn.

It would be perfect. They would have a house to live in with an awesome yard, great schools and good neighbors. The commute would be short. They could fit their whole family. Now, I just had to convince them of the same thing.

The next week at church, I pulled the mom aside. I chanced coming off as a total nutcase and relayed the entire experience to her. I was pretty sure she would chalk me up as the local nutjob and go about her way. After all, I hadn't said two words to her before all of this.

When I got done telling her what the arrangement would be if they were interested, she had tears in her eyes. With all they had endured and suffered through in the last year, it was easy to feel like they had been forgotten. Like when they would come up for air, something was waiting to push them back down.

To have me tell her that I had that type of experience regarding their family reminded her that Heavenly Father doesn't forget us. When times are hard, our struggles do not go unnoticed. He does know our hearts and hopes and he cares for us.

Allen and I agreed that we didn't really know these people. But, we were being prayerful and obedient about every step of the process. Whether we knew this family or not wasn't important. Trusting in the Lord. That's what was important. In no way do I think their moving into our area just as we had finally made the choice to move away was a coincidence.  He made a way for both of our families to prosper.

We worked out the details. They checked out the place. And they said yes.

As with most events in our lives that are directed by Heavenly Father, the pieces were falling into place.

We had all of the details worked out.

Well, almost.

Except that itty, bitty, tiny detail about where the heck we were gonna live.

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