On the Move: Part 2

During the blessing, he counseled me to "be prepared to move."

I know my eyes were as big as saucers.  I tried to downplay the implications of this information: Yeah, but it's the Lord's time. We could be, like, 80 or something.

Allen chuckled and said, "Totally. Except as we were visiting afterward, he said how sad he's going to be to lose us. That we would be around to have the baby, but it wouldn't be long after that."

We decided this could mean a few different things for us. We pondered this counsel and came up with a plan.

First, we studied the phrasing of the advice. Be prepared to move. Not, "you will be moving." You know, sometimes we are asked to be ready for events that may never actually transpire. However, the test is in your obedience to the request. In other words: we weren't really buying into it.

Second, Allen interpreted this as: save money and have no debt. It was time to "hit the mattresses". We would stop all unnecessary spending and make sure we could walk away clean. I'm sure this comes as a shock to most of you.

Third, I interpreted this as: dump gobs of money into the house to make it sale ready. Read: finally remodel my crappy ass kitchen. I'd been waiting patiently, you know.

After some fist fights discussion and prayer, we decided we would clean the place up, try to eliminate any debts we had, and save as much money as reasonably possible so that we would be prepared to leave.

If it ever really happened.

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