The Yard: 2010

Apricot tree (planted Fall 2010, grasses Spring 2009)
Pear tree (planted Fall 2009)
Marigolds (planted Spring 2010)
Corn, peas, green beans, and lettuce (planted Spring 2010)
Apple, plum, apple and peach trees (planted Fall 2009)
Grape (planted Spring 2010)
Ash tree (planted Spring 2010)

 Pumpkin (planted Spring 2010)
Zucchini (planted Spring 2010)

Grass and trees looking from North side by the Ash.

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Rafahi Family said...

Is it bad that I am envious of your yard? lol It looks great. I hope one day that we get to have a bigger yard to grow lots of fruit and veggies. Until then, I am confined to our "raised" garden box.

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