Discipline in Action

Addie {standing up on the chair, playing with the blinds}

Me: Addie, you need to sit on your bottom.

Addie: No!

Me {stern eyebrows}: Addie, if you cannot sit on your bottom, you will have to get down.

Addie {smirking}

Me: One....

Addie {still smirking}

Me {voice escalating}: TWO....

Addie: Three!!!


Shannon said...

What a good mom. You're teaching her to count! Nice to know I'm not the only one in this boat...misery loves company, right? ;0)

rl_riddle said...

That's soooooooooo Addie! (She's sooooooo cute!)

Kellie said...

Out of the mouths of babes!

twinzmama said...

I'm finally catching up!! My kids do the same thing, we've given up on using counting and when we put them in time out the one not in t.o. will usually join the one that is...oh, togetherness!

marti said...

dude! she's kind of a punk, ay?! hilarious. and perfect picture.

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