An Actual Conversation

 Lexi. In time out. Yes, she's smiling.

Lexi {in time out}: Boy, these walls are sure dirty.

Me {refraining from strangling child}: Well, maybe you'll start washing walls, too.

Lexi {totally serious}: Maybe I will.


Rafahi Family said...

Wow, what a sassylittle girl. Sorry, I cannot help but laugh a little. Ash has those moments too. I have to admit when we struggle with him not wanting to eat what is cooked for dinner, I remember your post about Lexi and the restaurant conversation, everytime. It makes me smile and I seem to get my cool back.

rl_riddle said...


Kellie said...

This is a very intelligent child, notice how she included MAYBE in her retort to you....

Cass said...

And I thought 2 years old was fun! I've loved looking at your blog!

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