Blessing Emily

On July 18, 2010, we blessed Emily. Here are some of the things she was blessed with: to be optimistic, to be a good sister and daughter, to be a missionary in her life, and to marry in the Temple.

We were so fortunate to have all but a few of our family members here for the occasion. We missed those who couldn't make it out, but had a great time. We are especially grateful to the aunts who stayed home to watch the cousins so the uncles could come out to visit.

Allen, Emily, and Traci

Papa Riddle, Traci, Addie, Lexi, Emily, Allen and Grandma Riddle

 Lexi, Opa, Traci, Addie, Emmy and Allen
Uncle Brian, Traci, Addie, Lexi, Emmy, Allen and Aunt Marti
Uncle Brent, Opa, Allen with Emmy, Papa, Uncle Brian and Uncle Craig
The Newest Fab Five:
Addie, Traci, Lexi, Emmy and Allen

(thanks to Gma Riddle for all of the pictures)


Silcox Stories said...

You look great! I love new Fab 5 picture!

Poetry of Life said...

I love the faces of the girls in that last shot! Too cute! Your hair looks great by the way! Missed you!

Anonymous said...

What great photos for such a special day! Happy to see that so many were able to make it! :-) You all look so great.

rl_riddle said...

It was my camera but a collaborative effort on 'entertainment' to help everyone (ie:kids!) focus on the moment!!! :)
We got some good ones!]

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