Fun With Marti & Brian

Aunt Marti (or Mart-eye as Lexi calls her) and Uncle Brian (I'm going to teach them to call him Uncle Brain) stayed a few days after the blessing. We had a great time catching up, playing games, wrastling with the kiddos and even ventured out to the Botanical Gardens. We must have done something to please fate since the day went just about perfectly.

Lexi on a toadstool. The whole place is a giant garden wonderland and when you first enter, you go through a tunnel that has roots growing down, toadstools, and little nooks and crannies to hide in.

That's a "buzzy bee" on a flower. When you walk into the courtyard, it buzzes above your head. Gets me every time.

The giant pumpkin complete with seeds and guts and a squishy floor.

Emmy - just chillin'. It was the first trip out that she actually enjoyed. No crying. We even went to lunch at the aquarium and she played with Uncle Brain and then slept on my knee while we ate. 

One of the sharks we saw while having lunch. We all decided this one must be British.

Thanks for the fun times Aunt Mart-eye and Uncle Brain. We miss you!

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rl_riddle said...

Great pictures. Fun outing! Glad Emily enjoyed it, too! I love those gardens!

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