Where We're At: Emmy 2 Months

It's been a little bit of a roller coaster, that's for sure. You know, when I was preggers with Emily, I got a pretty good feeling about her little personality. She would be gentle and kind, but strong. She would be a good toddler, for the most part. She would be a little needy. A LITTLE. Boy howdy, has that ever been true.

We were prepared for reflux and allergies and all of the awful side effects that go with it. But, this whole colic thing has been terrible. Just when you think you have it all figured out...someone throws a big wrench in the system, huh? I will say, her days have gotten a lot better. She greets us with a smile and is very content to sit in the bouncer or lay on the couch or hang out in the bumbo for the most part.

Emily has developed some symptoms of Sandifer's Sydrome. When eating, she arches her back to the point that she looks like a horseshoe. She also must eat with her head turned completely to the left and hanging almost upside down. Sandifer's is found in kids who have reflux and display physical posturing that helps to alleviate the pain. What it means, essentially, is that the reflux isn't really managed. Seizure like activity is often present, too. We will likely get a Ph test on her stomach acid to see if the medication is helping. I spoke with the co-creator of Zegerid who suggesting concentrating the medicene to help manage her reflux, too. Once the reflux is managed, the Sandifer's symptoms go away.

Here's a little info on Emmy at 2 months:

*Loves to be outside
 *Has rolled over from tummy to back 4 times
*Coos and talks to us all of the time
*Thrives on the attention of her older sisters - especially Addie who showers her with kisses at least 23489729 times a day.
*Total cuddle bug
*Most days only sleeps 20 minutes at a time. The only way to keep her down is to actively bounce her in the bouncey seat. NO the vibration thingy doesn't work. That does mean we do a lot of reading and watching shows together since a tired Emily = misery for the whole family and I'm glued to the couch or floor perpetually rocking the baby.
*Has night time worked out ok. She is still awake from 7-9 in the evening, but isn't as fussy as before.
*Loves the bath
*Sucks on her fingers a lot
*Doesn't need thickened feeds anymore!
*Weighs 15 lbs. 5 oz. 
*Wears 6 month clothes


Poetry of Life said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one with big girls! You look great by the way!

Anonymous said...

I love Emily's hair!!!

So sorry that things have been harder than expected for you guys. I am happy to hear that Emily is thriving and growing though. Keep your head up, you are a wonderful mom and it sounds like you are covering all of your bases!

rl_riddle said...

So glad things are looking up. But hope you can her reflux 'managed'! Such sweet, adorable pictures. She's a dollie! OXOX

Anonymous said...

The last picture of Emily is just too funny! Love it, Love it, Love it!

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