Just Like Apple Pie

For the first time since we have lived here in New Mexico, we went to the local parade. Lexi has finally mastered the art of fist fighting the other children for picking up the candy that is thrown from the floats. Addie took to it right away and ran full tilt with her arms raised above her head making sure everyone heard her battle cry when she went for the goods.

We got all dressed up.

Dudes, it's a Nissan.

What is that he's holding in his arms, you ask?

A pet skunk! And why not? This is America.
Hope your day was as entertaining as ours.


rl_riddle said...

What fun! You all look so cute in your holiday outfits! Nothing more patriotic than flags and parades! We missed you guys this year! XOX

Poetry of Life said...

You got out! Good for you! Only in New Mexico is there a guy riding a tractor, holding his pet skunk!

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