So, a friend of mine recently mentioned she had a sitemeter on her blog. A what? I checked it out. I got one. And, I check it. It tells me lots of neato details, but nothing too specific. Like the location of the person visiting (they even list in it longitude and latitude in case, what, I'm sailing?), operating sytem used by person visiting (like that even matters, but whateva) and how long people are chilling at Riddle Me This.

And now I'm a little curious. Who's out there? Who's checking in? Who are you? The numbers are not huge, by any means. But, this whole phenomenon has peaked my curiosity. Allen says I shouldn't say anything because it's going to scare my good readers away. I say, Nay!, they will still read. They just won't say anything; even after reading this post (especially after reading this post). Our relationship doesn't have to change; I promise.

'Cause I'm a serious blurker myself. I read a few blogs regularly (ok, so I check them everyday. so what?) and have never left a comment or any other telling sign that I've been there. I like it that way.

But, if you do stop by and feel so inclined, leave a little token of your time spent.

Of course, if you're like me, you'll just read this and never say anything.

But you'll be back tomorrow.


Rafahi Family said...

You are too funny! I think that when we do get to see each other in person it is going to be funny because we have so much in common! lol

Jacquelyn said...

OK... you caught me :) Now I HAVE to comment or I feel stalkerish. It's Jacquelyn Stone. (Formerly Salsedo) My mom linked your blog to me a lil while ago. Its been so nice to see what your up to in NM. So I'm the lil dot from Sac. Or whatever numbers you use to sail the American River to my house. :) :)


Brad and Lisa said...

I read your blog! I think your posts are always so funny

Cole and Julie said...

Oh come on Traci...why can't we stalk you in private! Why do you have to call us out for being losers with nothing better to do with our time. Haha! This is Tammy R. by the way...I don't even know how to log in under myself, I use Julie's.

Shannon said...

That's funny Tammy!

twinzmama said...

I'm here and now you will see how frequently or sometimes infrequently I check things out! Oh and I borrowed your idea and put one on mine too! Thanks!!

Silcox Stories said...

I shall always remain a faithful reader; and stalker of some like you!

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