Earth Day

The morning of our scheduled c-section I got up early hoping to take a long, peaceful shower and have a little time to myself. Having had two newborns before, I knew this would be my last chance for a little me time for a long time. I figured Allen would get up when he heard the kiddos. I was wrong.

I was in the restroom, preparing for my shower, when he poked his head in.

Me {totally offended by his interruption}: "UM, DUDE!"

Allen {super excited}: "Trace, I'm going to run out quick and plant that ash tree."

Me {now totally irriated, forgetting I'm on the commode}: "You mean the @#!*% tree? Are you on crack? We're going in to have a baby, it's still dark outside, and the kids are going to be up in about 30 seconds and you're going to do what? Where the heck are your priorities?"

Allen {exasperated}: "Don't call it that! I don't know why you're so frustrated. I'll be just a few minutes."

Me: "Whatever. You suck."

And, he did. He planted a dumb tree the morning we were going to have a baby. I had to rush in the shower and get the kids out of bed while he played Tom Green Thumb. Needless to say, it happened to be Earth Day so it was fitting even though it was entirely inappropriate considering the activities we had planned. As you may have gathered from all the mentioning about having a baby that day, Emily's birthday is also on Earth Day.

Allen, Emmy and the infamous @#!*% Ash Tree.


rl_riddle said...

Oh, CUTE picture! Emmy looks so cool!

Anonymous said...

Is this an omen that Emmy is going to grow up to be one of those tree hugging environmentalists who tie themselves around trees and flatten the tires of hunters?

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