One of My Favorites (Re-Post)

Originally composed 3.14.2010

Out of the Mouths...

Me {serving Lexi chicken noodle soup}: There you go, Lex.

Lexi: I don't like chicken noodle soup. It's not good enough for me.

Me {refraining from hitting Lexi in the back of the head, speaking through clenched teeth}: Well, why don't you just try it?

Lexi {folding arms across chest}: I'm not going to try it.

Me: Well, you know what? You're old enough to choose for yourself. If you don't want to eat what I made for you, you can go hungry. No dinner, no juice, no snacks. Nuthin'.

Lexi: I'm not going to try it.

Allen {eyebrows raised to hairline}: Lexi, you eat what mom made for you. This is not a restaurant and there is no menu.

Lexi {comtemplative silence}.

Lexi: Maybe I just need to go to a restaurant then.

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Rafahi Family said...

Lol, I remember this post! She is just too funny!

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