Emily Turns Two!

Miss Emily celebrated by having the family over to the house for a party on her birthday. 
"Blowing up the balloon"
This girl loves her Uncle Brent. She is always at his feet begging for his attention. And he continually indulges her. 
The timeless static electricity tricks.

Balloon boxing.
We took help from the store and got this super cute "ice cream cone cupcake-cake" for the party. 
Lexi made sure Grandpa Tweet wasn't lonely during the festivities.
Emily burying herself in what we lovingly refer to as "Grandma's never ending bag of presents".
Saying "thank you" to Grandpa Tweet.
She was pretty excited about those candles. 
Blowing out candles - with a little help from Dad.
Emmy's moving from toddler-hood to the preschool stage so quickly. She still doesn't have many words, but can easily communicate complete thoughts. She comprehends everything you say so be careful if you think you're gonna pull one over on her. She loves, loves, loves her sisters. She asks for them when they aren't around, runs to them for comfort when I am the bad guy, and offers them comfort when they are sad. They truly are the three amigos at this juncture in life.

Emily's sense of humor has started evolving. And, sadly, it is just like mine. She loves all things inappropriate. I, of course, secretly love it. She cracks herself up daily with her own bodily functions. Well, anyone's functions for that matter. She does laugh at movies and jokes, too - and not just the gross parts. She just laughs harder at those.

Right now, her favorite past times are coloring, playing pretend, and playing outside. Emily has always loved animals and that trait has only become stronger as she's aged. Her entire being lights up when she sees dogs, cats, horses, pigs - you name it and she loves it.

I see so much of myself (heaven help us) in her that I can't help but smile as I watch her interact with the family. She does exactly what I would in the same situation. She is logical in that if you explain the "why" she always soberly responds with an "ooooh", a nod of the head, and moves on to the next thing. Emily adds such spunk to our family. She has a zest for life and has always lived full-tilt. We love her exuberance and genuine love for life.

Happy Birthday Emmy!

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