One Good Turn

So, I have a bit of a bleeding heart. It's not extreme; I'm too pragmatic to want to rescue every living creature who's suffering. But, I'll rescue a stray dog and spare no expense or time getting them ready to be adopted. I buy an extra chicken at costco and give it to the guy who makes a habit out of camping on the corner outside of the store. If I'm approached by someone looking for money, I will try to scrounge my spare change for them.

I'd hate to ever be in the position that giving wasn't an option so I choose to share what I do have. I find myself thinking "if I can't give this person a few bucks I'm sure not grateful for what I've got". I've also decided I'm not accountable for how they spend the money. I know that's not the sentiment across the board for everyone, but that's where I've decided to land on the continuum.

Allen, however, has not adopted that same feeling.  He's got a little more logic to his reasoning: they could be lying, drug addicts, buying booze with the money, etc, etc. He could easily say no or simply avoid their eyes and keep on going.

Just recently, when he was on a trip with his brothers, he saw a seemingly homeless man outside of a fast food joint. Feeling sentimental in the wake of his time away from us, he felt compelled to "honor Traci's gift of service to others" by buying the guy some cheeseburgers.

He went out front to hand the guy his food, feeling like he was doing something good for man kind. He was thinking of how I would be so proud of him by his generosity and kindness.

And the guy tried to give Allen drugs in exchange.

Oh, that is rich, isn't it?

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