Del Valle

A little while back (like, February) Aunt Marti came for a visit. Her stay coincided with a holiday weekend so we all piled in the mama mobile and went over the hill to Del Valle reservoir. I hadn't been there since I was a kid and when I went, it was to ride. I'd forgotten what a great place we have so close to us.

There was lots of running.


And more running.
We brought the fishing gear, too.

Who can resist throwing rocks in water?
Not Aunt Mart-eye!

And then there was some hiking.

Who can resist climbing trees? Not Allen!

 Fun was had by all. Can't wait to go back this summer!

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marti said...

such a fun day! great way to wrap up an awesome weekend. Addie sure did take to rock throwing like a champ. i don't think i will ever forget what you said to lexi about making faces when she gets her picture taken. hilarious! and the hike. ugh. the never ending, misguided hike, courtesy of Aunt Mart-eye. poor Addie. she was so tired. on the bright side, no one fell in the water or had a melt down! SCORE! we had the perfect amount of dirt, adventure, and food (and the man-to-man defense with the kids is always a bonus). even with kinda crummy weather, it was a really great day.

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