Easter 2012

We kept tradition this year with egg decorating, family egg hunts, and of course, Easter ham. 

Lexi was determined to catch the Easter bunny this year. She made a trap and decorated the side with Easter eggs to camouflage the trap and trick that bunny! Then, she put some real grass inside to lure the bunny into the trap. 
The grass was nibbled and we saw bunny tracks.

But, we didn't catch the wily bunny. He did leave us some really neat baskets though.
We had to wake Emmy for the occasion. She's not really a morning person so she wasn't too thrilled about the whole thing.
Addie, however, was super excited and so grateful for the thoughtful gifts.

The girls in their pretty spring dresses.

I must mention that Allen went out during his lunch break at work and bought me this skirt. He thought it would look pretty for spring. Well played, Allen. Well played.
We went up to Sacramento to spend the day with our cousins and have an egg hunt.

Spring is my favorite time of year. I love the renewal of life that is evidenced all around.  The trees turn green, the flowers bloom, and the weather warms. The gift of the resurrection is one of hope in life after this and the promise of eternal glory. The Earth itself echoes this as it comes back to life after the cold winter months. I love this cycle and the rejuvenation I feel this time of year.

Seeing the kids understanding that Easter is about much more than eggs and candy was so fulfilling this year. We talked of Christ and his atoning sacrifice. We told the story of his death and, more importantly, his life and the empty tomb on that fateful day that changed the world forever. I'm so grateful to my Savior and the promise of life eternal because of his great sacrifice.

Happy Easter!


Silcox Stories said...

I love this family!!!

LWR said...

Loved the pictures! I love spring, too. The girls look adorable and it looks like you had a great day in Sacramento!

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