Tiffany's Box Blue

You might be surprised by this little factoid: Tiffany's Box Blue isn't an easy color to find. Rather, it's patented. So, when you meander into a paint store and tell them what you want, they cannot help. You can scour the endless wall of paint swatches, all offering their own variation of the highly sought after color, but you cannot - in fact you will not -  find the exact match.

What is a girl to do when she wants to paint a room that exact shade but cannot lay her eager hands onto said color? Well, the logical step is to get the color and have it color matched. But, you see, I do not have anything that exact color either. I know this too will come as a surprise to many of you, especially if you know Allen, but I do not have in my possession a Tiffany's box.

But, my really good friend did. And she let me put my grubby hands all over it.

I took it to the store and they matched it. I practically skipped my way home after the long wait for my treasured paint.

Original khaki color

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And this is what I got:

Not even close! This color was SO bright. I could see it glowing like a neon sign down the hall. 
Coincidentally, my neighbor was painting her guest bathroom that very same day. And she was going for the very same color. She even had the color matching done and started painting. But, it was so bright she stopped. She had purchased a shade lighter to do one of the other rooms so she put that selection on the walls and it was perfect! She graciously offered me her little swatch card and I had the color made.



Rafahi Family said...

That looks so pretty! A whole lot better than the first bright blue.

marti said...

bless your neighbor and whoever mixed her color because that first color was like "whoa." i bet you were SO happy to paint twice! i know how much you enjoy that whole process. the end result is nice, though. me likey the Tiffany Blue. very purdy.

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