Lexi Had a Birthday

Her birthday fell on a school day this year. 

Lexi loves fresh fruit and aerosol whip cream so that's what we brought. I think over half of the kids threw it away. (Sad face.)

She'd been telling us for months that she wanted a Chuck E. Cheese party. We decided to indulge her (to a bit, she only got to invite two friends) by going to see the big mouse on her big day. 

Booked parties include a trip in the "ticket tornado" for the birthday child. I'm not sure who loved it more; Lexi or those of us watching. 
Diane and Van (or Di-Van, as Addie calls them) came to help celebrate.

We wrapped up a weekend of celebration by having a family party here at the house. 

Lexi asked (at Christmas time) for a cupcake-cake for her birthday. Allen got her the mold and I made the cake. It was a huge hit with all of the kiddos.
Now that she can read, she understands humor a bit more, too. She thought this card was hilarious.
Opening presents with her cousins.
 Lexi says she had an awesome birthday this year and we have to agree!

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roxann said...

I love the basketball game going on in the background. Love you guys.

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