Not Quite

Last night there was a buzz in the air at rehearsal.

The of months of hard work, memorization, singing and singing and singing showed it's merits as we finally practiced with the live band.

The musical innuendos were clear and the harmony of drums, sax, bass, violin, piccolo, flutes and piano was amazing.

Those who had last minute concerns about their parts felt relief as it all came together.

It was glorious.

During break, one of my cast mates, reveling in the thrill of it all, asked me: "So, have you caught the bug?"

With horror, I responded, "What BUG? Are people getting sick? I hadn't heard!"

A slow smile spread across his face, "NO! The acting bug!"

Um. I think that one passed me by. 

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Cheryl Polson said...

Just wait...its there, lurking....you are doing such an amazing job and it has been such a blast working with you on this show...sometimes the bug doesn't hit until after the show ends and you think...hmmmm....I wonder what show "they" will be doing next...thats when you know...

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