Playground Progress

Allen put together a special tool box just for the girls. Inside, is a pair of safety goggles. The wind here has been horrendous so Lexi wears her goggles while we dig to stop the dirt from blowing in her eyes. The child still couldn't resist striking a pose.
All hands on deck! 
Maybe not the most appropriate footwear for digging...
but we get the job done!
Mid week progress.

By Saturday morning, all but one corner of the area was dug out.
Our new mountain of dirt.

At the ready!
At this point, we started to get excited.
And then we opened the box with the directions. The recommendation was to put the lumber into piles by "step". 
There are 50 steps.
I also put the hardware into plastic baggies by "step" so that Allen wouldn't have to waste time sorting screws.
The girls did amazingly well for being mostly ignored all weekend. We let Lexi have a small hammer, some scrap wood, and all the nails she wanted to keep her occupied. I may have yelled, "We hammer nails and wood, not bodies and heads!" once or twice.
MAY have.
Grandpa Bob got this swing set for the kids so we invited him to come help (we bribed him a bit with the promise of a BBQ at the end of it all). 
We made it to step 10 by the end of Monday. Only 40 more to go!!!

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