What's On Your Mind, Traci Riddle?

My life as described on Facebook (some of these are a few years old, but they made me smile):

- Allen takes Lexi to school so I don't have to worry about getting out the door in the mornings with the three little ones. Saves my sanity

- My eyes feel like shriveled up raisins in my head that have been rolled in little shards of glass and shoved back in. In other words, I'm freakin' exhausted!

My awesome husband took all three girls to church by himself and taught our lesson by himself so I could stay home and nap while the baby napped.

-My grandpa calls hospice "HOTSPICE". Cracks me up. Hotspice.

-Allen's car battery had died on him. He's had time to buy the new one, but not replace it. So, when his car won't start, he pulls the new one out of the trunk and gives himself a jump. I don't know if that's the most brilliant or saddest thing I've ever heard.

-Mormon hangover this morning. Drunk on the spirit. And cake.

-"Effective parents know they cannot lead their child any further than they have gone themselves." - Gary Ezzo (On Becoming Pre-teen Wise)

-Having a baby! Wish us luck.

-Dudes. I have four kids.

-10 year anniversary trip. Serious. 10 years.

-"and bless us to be healthy and strong"

"and please bless us to be joyful and kind to one another tomorrow"

"and please bless me to pick out a good outfit for picture day at school tomorrow"
 (Lexi Riddle's family prayer)

-My grandpa came all the way from Concord to visit me today. He's 97. And he brought hot pink daises for me. He's totally my hero.

- (from my sister) pop quiz: what's great for a snack and fits on your back?

-when Allen gets mad, he cleans the house. I make it a point to piss him off every 3 days or so.

-me: (singing morning cartoon theme song)
 Lexi: Please don't sing mom. 
Me: Whatever. You love it when I sing. 
Lexi: I don't mom. It makes me sad. It's driving me nuts.

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