The Last and Final Leg

A couple of years ago, I started the Medifast 5 and 1 program. I lost 59 pounds in 7 months time. I actually had to stop the program because I got pregnant. I was 16 pounds away from my goal weight and end goal of 75 pounds lost.

I ended up miscarrying that pregnancy after 8 weeks. Then, I got busy, put my money elsewhere, and didn't start the 5 and 1 again. I didn't gain any weight during that time. Then, ended up pregnant again.

I gained nearly 30 lbs. during the pregnancy. I was at 20 lbs. up until the last week and then the water weight came on like gangbusters. Thank goodness Sofia came 2 weeks early or I'd of looked like the Goodyear blimp.

In case you're just tuning in or missed the post, this is what I looked like on the actual day of delivery:

I've lost all but 15 pounds of that weight. I'm not too upset about all of that. But, pregnancy makes girl soft. And jiggly.

Me. Now.
I've decided that gauchos are not my most flattering pair of pants.  My legs look like little wooden stilts sticking out of there. I am actually quite embarrassed to post this picture. I'm nominating myself for What Not To Wear at the end of this whole deal.

See, the legs. I'm at the same weight here and even in the same shirt as above (my post pregnancy wardrobe is very limited) but I think look much less fat. Why do I wear those damn gaucho pants?!? But, I digress.

 If you've ever had a baby or young children in your care, you know you're eating left over peanut butter sandwich crusts and apple slices in between changing diapers, making bottles, feeding the baby, hiding in the bathroom, doing laundry, browsing pinterest, breaking up fights, filling juice cups, staring mindlessly at the ceiling, washing dishes, tending boo boos, checking facebook, cleaning up accidents, and any other catastrophe that might arise during the day.

That kind of eating doesn't make a body feel good, and it leaves a person hungry.

After stuffing my saggy body into my yoga pants and jeans for the last 10 weeks, I've decided enough is enough. It's just as easy to eat a bar or shake as it is to eat fruit snacks. One makes you fat, one doesn't. One fills you up, one doesn't. Might as well eat what will fill you up, and not make you fat. You gotta put something in your body, right?

Finances aren't ever going to be ideal to afford Medifast, but over this summer, I get a break from the preschool tuition, and that makes it just barely doable for me. Plus, this is an investment into my health. My physical health. More importantly, though, my mental health.

Also, during the summer, I have tons of motivation (the thought of donning a swimsuit puts fear into the heart of every woman alive, and can be very persuasive as you stare down a piece of chocolate cake). I can create a much more manageable schedule since I'm home with the kids, and not running around as much. Salad is desirable during the heat. Grilling is easy with the weather. The season alone lends to having lean and healthier foods on your plate.

I've decided to lose 40 pounds over the summer.  This accounts for the 15 left over from the baby. It is 10 lbs. over my original goal weight, but it puts me at my ideal BMI. When it's all said and done, I will have lost 99 lbs.

Last time around, I lost 50 pounds in the first 4 months so I think losing 40 in 3 months is very realistic. I wasn't perfect on the program, and still had great success. If I can minimize my "cheats", I might be able to even achieve goal before my August deadline.

I do really well with this style of program. I learned a lot my last go around. I know I can keep the weight off on maintenance because I did it before. I feel really excited to get this last bit of weight, and be done with the weight-loss phase. I look forward to knowing I can maintain, and not compromise because of pregnancy. Every other time I've lost weight or gotten in shape, I've known pregnancy would put a pause to all of that. I can buy clothes and keep them. Come September, when I'm at goal weight, I can start working out again and get firm and not lose that tone because of another pregnancy. This is jump-up-and-down-pee-a-little exciting to a girl who has spent the last 10 years putting aside her vision of beauty to get this family grown.

I share this with you because 1. this is my blog. I can put whatever the crap I want on here. No seriously, it's also our family journal. I want to remember this part of my life. 2. I do well when I make a public commitment to something. Otherwise, it's too easy for me to renege on the commitment. Now, I'm accountable. 3. Maybe someone else out there is on their own journey to health, and will find support on this blog.

With a new baby in the house and me on this program, you can be assured for the next 3 months you will hear and see nothing but baby and weight loss posts.

Hang in there with me if you can stand it!


Leslie said...

You got this!! Good Luck!!

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Hey I'm on my own Medifast journey. I've got about 40 more to go to my goal weight. Best of luck to you! It does work doesn't it?

Silcox Stories said...

1. Gauchos are comfy that's why we wear them.
2. You're a rockstar when it comes to reaching goals.
3. You go girl!

Jesslyn said...

I commented on FB but also wanted to add, I got a great chuckle at the jump-up-and-down-and-pee-a-little comment. It's so true. I'd like the full power of my pelvic floor muscles returned. Also true, is what you said about weight loss and toning taking on a whole new perspective when you are past the child-bearing phase. This is now your body to keep. It's the body your girls will remember and have in their minds as the example. That was in the forefront of my mind when I started this journey. This was such a great post. You're going to crush this last 40.

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