I Looked In the Mirror - Mother's Day Repost

A while back, I was getting ready for my day. The marks of a body that has hosted another seemed to overcome any semblance of the body I knew to be my own. I began to fall prey to the counsel of the world and see only imperfections in the reflection.

I was doing the things girls do and lamenting my baby ravaged body.

Suddenly, in my mind's eye, I was sitting on the corner of the master bath tub of my childhood home watching my mom get herself ready for the day. The tilt of her head as she applied her mascara. The "o" shaped mouth that all women adopt to apply the product flawlessly. She seamlessly moved from one task to the next to make herself ready for the world. I remember seeing some of the same tokens of motherhood on her own body.

Suddenly, I was staring at my own reflection again. I took a deep breath and let out a sigh.

"I am my mother." 

Yeah, and?
I am my mother.
Again, I am my mother.

I am intense, focused and driven.

I like money. I especially like to spend your money.

I am a doer. And that means I want you to be one too. So hurry up.

I have an innate love of animals and their welfare.

I'll take the shirt off of my back to clothe you.

But if you piss me off, I'll yell at you while I do it.

I like to function. It keeps the hamsters in my brain quiet.

I can cook a good meal.

I am driven to protect the weak.

I am a problem solver.

I am a mamma bear.

I'm particular and I don't mind letting you know it.

I expect the best from myself.

And from the people I love.

I love teaching and am pretty good at it.

When I do love, and it's not something that comes quickly or easily, I do it fiercely.

I don't have tons of friends, but the ones I hold dear have earned their place in my life and are some of the best people in the world.

I'm my own biggest critic.

I value education. I strive to keep educating myself as I am asked to take on new responsibilities and enter into new chapters of my life.

I'm not afraid to seem weak by living a faith based life.

I'm so very proud to say, "I'm totally my mother."
Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

(originally posted 5/11/2011)


Anonymous said...

I love this post. Your mom (and my aunt) is such a strong woman. I am happy to say I am related to you both! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Traci, you have no idea what this means to me. Have fun with Mickey and his friends.

Shawnie said...

Extraordinary post! I loved your self-description. You sound a lot like my best friend in fact. Especially the part about loving fiercely. Loved the photos too. This is rich.

Valerie said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom and a nice way to look at yourself! Love the pics.
(Popped over from MMB's Post of the Week)

Leenie said...

I love the way you wrote this. This is such a beautiful post! So fun and refreshing to read.

Reading Champions said...

Beautiful - both you and your mother!

LWR said...

VERY sweet. It's the cycle of life! xo

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