The Nana

When I had Sofia, Marti was able to stay for 10 whole days. She completely took over all motherly duties while she was here. All I had to do was take care of the baby and myself.

When Marti left, my mom swept in to pick up where she'd left off. She was planning on staying for 2 weeks. But, then, she had a feeling she should stay longer. So she did. She stayed for 3 weeks total.

During that time, she woke up with the girls, helped get them ready for school, got them going with breakfast, took them to school, cooked, cleaned, ferried kids back and forth, helped me get to and from last minute doctor appointments, walked the baby late at night, took the kids on special play dates, shopped for our family, did the wash, and anything else you could possibly imagine that might need done.

It was amazing to have so much support. I had a rough delivery, and the healing process was really slow even without having to do much besides take care of the baby. Mom had a c-section with Marti and she knew what I was feeling. She has a soft spot for the kids, too, and she seemed to never tire of walking, consoling, appeasing, and loving them. At 8 at night after 14 hours of helping, she'd grab the baby and sweet talk her while she screamed while Allen and I coma-ed out on the couch.

I think I posted this before, but it's cool enough to have here twice. Marti loved open gym. I'm not sure who had more fun, Marti or the kids. 
Mom went to Walmart super late one night because we needed stuff. She had overheard me talking about how I just wanted a dumb Cadbury egg. I was totally hopped up on drugs still and couldn't drive. So, she brought some all stealthy like when she got home.
Nana is not a lover of holiday. Never the less, she dutifully watched us dye eggs for Easter.

At temple square in Salt Lake. The four of us met up for the wedding of Travis Williams. 

Thanks mom for all of your help. We know it was a sacrifice to be away from home for so long. Your being here made a huge difference in our experience.

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