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Jumping rope. In a non-biased way, I'm pretty impressed. She's just four and she's pretty much got the hang of it.
Addison is pretty good at gymnastics. She likes to practice at home on the bar. 
Her birthday outfit. 
Poor Addison. Her little face just keeps getting bumped and bruised. But I think she looks so beautiful and resolute in this picture.
My charming sister sent me this lovely sign. 

When we flew to SLC.
Cupcakes for Emmy's birthday.
The theme was Ariel.
Look at our "seaweed" on the wall.
Addison sees me taking pictures of the baby all the time and asked if I would take a picture of her too.
She's so happy here you can almost forget all the screaming she does.
She is so put together with her sunglasses and shoes on the wrong feet.
Warm weather brought about an impromptu trip to the water park.

8 weeks old.
We have too many kids and not enough cart.
Another 6 o'clock nap for Emmy. 
Aunt Marti came back again for Sofia's blessing.
Blessing day.

Another moment of baby wonder. Lexi had her giggling and smiling and so happy.
See my children all cowering in the corner? All three of them earned our wrath with their ongoing shenanigans. This is how they conspire against us and try to convince us we are the meanest parents ever.

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