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Sometimes, I want to reach into my computer and throttle Blogger by the neck. Tonight is one of those times. These pictures are all out of order. I don't have the time or patience to make them right. Maybe I'm discounting your intelligence. I'm sure you know the dirt came before the grass. Still drives me bonkers and I edit this post with dissatisfaction in my bosom. 

These kids just love helping Allen in the yard. There is almost no task they can't or won't do with him. Sure, it takes some extra time. But, what great memories!

Three months old today (May 20th). Woot! Woot! We survived.
I think I ruin her life every day.
Mini mom. I needed to check on Addie and when I came back, this is what I found.
Addison helped Allen until the job was done. She really is a good little worker.
Mostly uninterested. 
Everybody does their share of the work.
My glorious hydrangea. Every time, and I mean every.single.time. I go outside, I tell the girls, "Do you know how long I've wanted these plants in my yard? Ten years. I've waited ten years for a place to put them." The girls have started murmuring, "uh, huh, 10 years, sure mom..." when I start talking about them.
This is the correct way to unload a pallet of sod. Remember when we did it this way?

Our neighbors, who have become our good friends, came over to help.
More jumping rope.

Of her own volition, she grabbed her tools and went to work.

Within minutes, the kids were enjoying the new grass. Savannah and Addie are the exact same age and love having each other right next door to play with.  
Fascinated by the truck dropping off the sod.
Dan, Allen and Emmy hard at work.
We went to the police station with Addie's preschool class.  I didn't mean to, but I totally dressed Emmy in pinstripes. I think it's fitting.
Yay! The kids are in heaven.

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