To Infinity and Beyond!


May The Force Be With You!


Ok, so I don't know what the cool nerd saying is for Star Trek.

But, I do know that my husband gets to see the cast and crew screening of the new Star Trek movie in San Francisco.

You see, they needed a space ship-like environment for the movie so they filmed it where Allen works at the lab - at the NIF facility.

I knew this was happening because one day Allen came home from work and greeted me by saying, "I was walking down the hallway today and saw this SUPER HOT CHICK in a skin tight outfit walking toward me, and I knew something strange was going on."

As a token of appreciation from the film company, the employees at NIF had the chance to claim two tickets for the screening.

(Oh, look. It's Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before, isn't it?)

Have fun, Allen! 

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