She Bangs

Is that title too suggestive for a post about a toddler's hair?

Emmy's hair has reached that point. You know, where it's actually growing, but because it's growing it is a mess. And Miss Emily, being the dainty little thing she is, can be a little, um, horrible, beastly, obnoxious, challenging when it comes to letting me put her hair back.

I'd been resisting the social pressure to cut bangs. I don't really like bangs. I don't like how they look on most kids. After fighting the good fight, though, I relinquished and decided we best make the cut.

My visiting teacher happens to be a fashion-forward hair stylist at the most happening salon in town. She is a straight hair expert. As I'm not, I happily turned over the reins. We opted for a little fringe rather than the deep cut to avoid the painful growing out experience. I think she did it just right.

Excuse the trance-y look here. She was watching Yo Gabba Gabba. It has that effect on people. Adults included.

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LWR said...

Love it! Love it! Cute! Cute! :)

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