Big Trees

Wait. That doesn't look like Big Trees at all! That's because winter refused to leave this year and Spring brought snow in April to the foothills. So, we went to play at the park with Grandpa Bob instead.

This is one of the coolest parks around. There are lots of trails, a huge playground, a pond, and animals. And goose poop. But that's pretty easy to overlook because of how awesome this rose garden is. That wasn't in bloom yet. But it promises to be great!!!!

Weeping mulberry. Makes for an awesome hideout.
A little stream with just enough current to not be a cesspool.
Not that she actually looks like the guy, but isn't this pose a lot like the pictures of the Bigfoot sightings?

I told you!
Lexi wanted to pose by the tree.
And again.
And yet again.

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LWR said...

Cute pictures...pretty place! Sorry the weather didn't cooperate for Big Trees but you'll make it there still!

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