Sacramento Train Museum

Grandma and Grandpa Riddle took us to the Train Museum and on a little tour of Old Town Sacramento. The weather was phenomenal and the kids loved being with their grandparents.

This was a cool place, but I wouldn't take really small kids to get your money's worth. I'd wait till they were a smidge older but still fascinated by trains. That being said, the kids did have a great time.
See the woman working on the railroad? She did it all the live long day. See the shiny sign?
Allen and I realized they had to drive each of the trains into the museum. There are tracks that have been covered throughout the entire ground floor.
The sleeper car actually moves like a real train would. They have these staged scenes throughout the museum for your viewing pleasure. This was just a leeettlle creepy, though.
The mail train. Hand sorting on a moving vehicle. I would totally barf in one of those bags after 10 minutes.
This train was huge! Allen is 6'1" and it dwarfed him. Not an easy task with all of his big muscles either.
Old town has a lot of character. We found this street dancer and watched for a bit.
He played it up for the kids and was slowly making his way toward the stroller with Emily in it.
Trying to get some love with a fist bump.
Not even thinking of it. No way, no how.


LWR said...

That was such a FUN day! Love the pictures...

Anonymous said...

I love Emily's face on the last photo! So great! And Traci--we are so alike--I would be so sick within minutes if I had to read anything on a moving vehicle. So glad the kids had fun. I remember Old Sacramento; it was really neat to look around at.

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