Hot Time

The temp has been in the 100's this week. Way too hot. We decided to cool it down a bit the good-old-I-don't-own-a-pool-way:

Enzo was so hyped up to have the whole family out of doors at once.
Davis: not so much.
Emily knows this is "her dog" and hugs him about six thousand times a day. He always stays perfectly still, even when she steps all over him.
Now here is a shocking photo. Davis laying still for a hug from the child. See his face though? He's just a squeeze away from bolting.
Now our Enzo is NOT a water dog. He, in fact, hates water. He hardly walks on the lawn when it's wet. But the kids were in the water. It took him a few minutes, but he couldn't let them be that far away for long. He ventured in after them and stayed in the water as long as they were playing.
Addie fulfilled her sisterly duty and escorted Emily on the slippery cement.

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LWR said...

What cute 'babes'! :) Love the dog hug pictures, too!

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