Way back in May, the older girls, Allen and I packed up and went to the happiest place on Earth. We went with our great, great, great friends The Silcox's.

We started our first morning at the character breakfast with Mickey and Friends.

The must have picture in front of Cinderella's caste.
Getting ready for a little spin on the teacups.
Mickey's Toon Town
In the princess village (or whatever it's called - I vaguely remember some cute name), they do this really cool face painting. All of the girls wanted their faces painted. The artists were so talented.
Two of the princesses with their favorite treats.
Admiring the work.
I even got in on the action with my own set of Minnie Ears. Black sequins, of course.
Allen's favorite part of the entire trip.
While Allen built his, Lexi gathered her parts. As soon as he was done, she tugged his shirt and said, "I'm ready Dada!" I think she has a little engineer in her.
The jedi knight himself.
I'd say it was a success!

 Thanks to Jennie and Linda for letting me pilfer your pictures!

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LWR said...

Oh these pictures are so cute! It looks like everyone had such fun... so glad you got to go.

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