Class of 2024

Lexi has had her first graduation. She successfully completed her preschool career. We celebrated by attending a cute preschool graduation ceremony with family and pizza dinner with friends.

Addie and Lexi pre-ceremony. They chose the poses themselves.
They had the graduation at a local winery. It was a quaint and very pretty location. We grabbed a most-of-the-family picture on the way in.
Lexi has loved, loved, loved her preschool experience. She started off in New Mexico and had a wonderful finish in California. She's learned so much that will help her as she goes on to kindergarten. They did science experiments, learned about social studies, math and of course, reading. They learned songs and did a lot of art. They also took field trips and had a concert in the park. I love that while we are driving in the car, she can read the names of the store signs and ask me what they sell.
Lexi has zero stage fright. She had the opening line and was all too happy to deliver.
Congratulations Lexi on your first educational accomplishment. I know we'll stand proud in 2024 as you leave high school and our nest to start your own life. In the mean time, don't grow up too fast, ok?


LWR said...

Terrific pictures! Congratulations Lexi! We are sooooooooooo proud of you, too! I'm glad I got to attend. :) lol

Poetry of Life said...

She looks so cute! Congrats Lexi!!!

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