Leona May George

April 11, 1933 - May 27, 2011
 My grandma passed away in the early morning today. 

A mere 6 weeks ago, she was walking, eating, and talking. And while no one told her that Grandpa was gone, and her logical faculties had been robbed by her disease, her soul knew. She has been freed from her mortal prison. I'm sure they are dancing together now.

We'll miss you so very much Grandma.


Mamma said...

I didn't know them, but I can imagine the freedom they must both be feeling. I love the idea of them dancing together.

Rafahi Family said...

I cannot believe that she is gone so soon. It really does seem ttrue though that you can die of a broken heart. I am happy that she is going to be free from that terrible disease. I will miss her a lot.

LWR said...

I hope your coming weekend in Idaho will be a good healing time for your family. We send our love and condelences for the loss of your G'ma.

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