Marine World

In April, Grandpa Bob chaperoned while my bestie, LuAnn, and I (with kiddos, of course) had a day at Marine World.

LuAnn and Dallas. Both are the ultimate thrill seekers.
Gavin waiting for mom and sissy to go on the ride.
The eager audience.
Told you they are crazy.
Waiting for the Orca show.
The small fry area had this water feature. Emmy loved it!
Totally drenched. Thank goodness LuAnn brought an extra shirt. Emmy wore a diaper and Gavin's t-shirt the rest of the day.
All that swimming tuckered her out!
Here's Dallas and Lexi. Dallas is clearly looking for some excitement. Not sure the hopping frogs did it for her.
This was priceless. Grandpa Bob stuffed in a frog that jolted it's riders up and down. Addie thought it was great. We got some good belly laughs out of the deal too.

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LWR said...

Such a fun, fun day! I love Emily in the water! Lots to do there!

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