Annual Riddle Easter Party

Each year, Allen's parents host an Easter egg hunt and BBQ for friends and family. We've never been able to attend while living in New Mexico, but being in CA has it's perks. There were about 20 kids and then accompanying parents and grandparents. As GNut said "this is the most organized chaos I've ever seen!" Truer words have never been spoken: it was chaotic but oh so fun.

Addie stood here and refused to pick up the egg.
Lexi, however, was not going to let a single egg be missed.
Addie finally got into the game.
Well, she did have Gpa Bob doting on her to keep her motivated.
Jennie and Emmy
Here we capture the rare smile of the ever elusive and moody Addison.
Monkey See. Monkey Do.
Cousins Nolan and Claire.
Claire, Addie, Aubree and Nolan. They were so cute together.
Addie and Claire have a lot in common.
Mostly it's the giving of dirty looks to all, though.
Hannah and Camden. I know, it's a cute one, huh!

Lexi and Ben on an adventure.
Aubree noshing.


Poetry of Life said...

Super cute! So glad you were with us this year!!! (I'm secretly hoping that somehow you will stay and we will have many more fun parties!)

LWR said...

OMG! It WAS fun! And these are great pictures. I should 'get' some of them!

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