What I'm Grateful for Today: Addison

Little Addie.

Each day I'm grateful for these traits of Addie's:

- Addie hugs Emily every chance she gets. Sometimes Emmy doesn't reciprocate. Other times, she buries into Addie's neck and they hug as tight as they can.
- She wakes up happy and comes in to watch Allen get ready. She chatters with him and adores being around him.
- When I sit with Addie and talk with her, she puts her hand on my cheek.
- She spontaneously tells us she loves us throughout the day. It's always accompanied by a kiss.
- Addie often tells me during afternoon quiet time. "Mom, I'm going to play toys. How about you watch a Mommy show? You never get to watch Mommy shows."
- When I check on Addie at 11 o'clock at night, I tell her I love her. She's always dead asleep. But she always mumbles, "love you too".
- Addie is easy going. If I want to work out or need to shower, she has no issues giving me the time. She doesn't destroy anything, whine, or cause problems. She just plays nicely so I can have those few minutes.
- Addie sings to us at night. Her favorite song is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

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Rafahi Family said...

Addie is so sweet! That is so cute that she tells you she loves you in her sleep.

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