What I'm Grateful for Today: Emily

Memily. Memers. Miss Emmy.

- When I take Emily out of her crib, she holds on tight and pats my back like I'm the one who needs comforting.
- She loves to cuddle.
- Emily likes to have her belly rubbed. She tells you when she wants it rubbed by lifting up her shirt and pointing to her tummy.
- Emily doesn't use words very often yet. Rather, she has her own method of getting her point across. For example, when you ask her "where's your eyes?", she rapidly blinks instead of saying the word. If she wants to sing Wheels on the Bus, she does the crying baby gesture. All the textbooks say she should be using more words, but her symbolic way of talking to us reveals her imagination and way of thinking.
- Emmy wakes up looking for Addie. She can't say her name right so she calls, "Ad-duh!"
- She loves to build blocks. She brings the tub of blocks out into the family room, dumps them all on the floor and is entertained for a long time.
- Emily also loves to color. She will sit at the kid table and color with her sisters for what seems like hours.
- Emily greets people who come to the door with complete exuberance. When Allen comes home she runs full tilt to him and wraps herself around his legs. When I come home, I get the same treatment. Anyone who comes to visit that she knows, gets 100% enthusiasm.
- She is mostly obedient. She wants to be good and we usually only need to explain something to her once and she gets it. She doesn't push us just for the sake of pushing. You can tell that Emily understands instruction when she appears to be looking down at the floor, but is really looking up at us through her eyelashes and she gives us a sheepish, "ooooohhhhh".
- She is so vibrant and fun just thinking about Emily makes us feel good inside.

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