Emmy hasn't begun to use words yet. At least not at the frequency of my first two kids and not as often as I think is normal. I'm a little concerned, but she is making some head way. We work a lot at home on using the words for things rather than the sounds and gestures she's interpreted to mean those things.

Emmy also has a bit of insomnia. As a victim of the awful burden of insomnia myself, I get it when you just can't sleep. I have chosen to use her sleeplessness as an opportunity for teaching rather than an exercise in exhausted frustration (as I have with my other two. Yes, years from now they will accuse me of loving Emmy more. It's not love, my dears, it's experience that has led me to make better parental choices. Don't you fret, we're saving for both college and therapy. Smooches!)

Last night was one of those sleepless nights. Most of the time I have a strict rule that she has to sit on my lap and watch boring mommy shows if she's going to be. She will not have any fun.

Last night, she was really wired. She started playing and while doing so, she started counting a bit. Although the activity is a bit unorthodox in it's method - at midnight no less - it was effective!

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