Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Emmy crying, going rigid, and being completely difficult about getting on jammies after her bath.

Me {stern teaching voice}: Emmy, we get dressed after our bath. Please help Mommy.

Emmy continues crying, going rigid, and being completely difficult.

Me {stern teaching voice}: Emmy, you must let Mommy get you dressed. Please lay still and help Mommy.

Emmy still crying, going rigid, and being completely difficult. 

Me {stern teaching voice}: Emmy, I cannot help you when you don't use words. I don't understand why you are so upset. Please use words.

Emmy {yelling through tears, still stiff as a board}: No! No! No!

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Liz R. said...

how nice of you to have a stern teaching voice, and not use my personal apologize afterwards, mommy's going to kill you voice. haha. usually at some point i make the same whiny cry voice they are and they think it's weird, then annoying, then funny. making fun of them is the only way i can cope sometimes ;)

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