What I'm Grateful for Today: Alexis

Each day Lexi blesses our family in so many ways:

- She is the first to get up in the morning. She turns on kids shows for herself and Addie.
- She wakes up happy.
- She reminds us if we forget to bless the food.
- If she gets out the paper and color crayons, she gets enough for everyone so no one feels left out.
- Same with snacks. If you are going to get yourself something, best get it for the rest of the crew. And she does.
- She spontaneously performs acts of service. One day, she went through the whole house and emptied all of the trash cans. Then, she took it all outside and put it in the toter.
- She draws us pictures. Sometimes we get landscapes. Sometimes lots of different hearts. Sometimes family portraits. But, she never, ever draws for herself. It's always for a member of the family to make them feel loved.
- She picks up any mess without hesitation or question. Simply ask and she does.
- She clears her plate from the table and takes it to the sink. I very rarely have to remind her and she never complains about doing it.
- Almost daily, she creates something crafty for someone in our family or one of our family friends. She then asks to snail mail or scan and email them to family members or family friends. She does this to keep in touch with them and tell them she loves them.
- She helps with Emmy if she sees the need. If I'm in the middle of a chore and Emmy needs to be cuddled, Lexi will step in to try and comfort her.
- Lexi is quick to laugh. Our house is filled with her loud laugh for a good part of the day.
- If I'm standing still for more than a second, Lexi runs up to me and gives me a big hug. Many times throughout the day, she'll come up and try to get my attention. When I ask her what she wants, more often than not, "a hug" is the simple answer.
- Lexi also likes to sing. She sings pop songs, hymns, and made up songs.
- She regularly tells Addie, Emily and myself that we look nice. Almost every day, one, or all of us gets a compliment on our clothing, hair, or an accessory.
- If she notices something she likes about a classmate's outfit, backpack, hair tie, etc., she never hesitates to tell them either. In fact, she will walk up to anyone she sees sporting a look she likes and she will tell them without hesitation. For example, the director of our play cut her hair. Lexi hadn't seen her for a few days and didn't know she'd cut her hair. The minute we walked in the room, she says to herself, "Ooooh! I like her hair!" Before I could say anything, she walked right up to her and tapped her on the arm to get her attention and let her know, "I like your hair!"
- The girls aren't supposed to get out of bed before 7 a.m. But, if Addie is up too early and "lonely", Lexi gets books and takes them in to Addie's room. She reads to her and keeps her company.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Lexi is so thoughtful! I am so amazed at how grown up she is for an almost 6 yr old. :-)

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