Sending Love to the Kindergartners

Children look forward to the Holidays. Every child loves the idea of treats and candy. And more candy.

Teachers look forward to the extra parental help during the parties.

Most parents love the chance to show how much they love their children by creating the most elaborate display in the class. It's like a contest of cuteness and the winner is the best. parent. ever. (gush).

Parents, like myself, do not look forward to any part of it.

I especially dislike store bought valentine's. They are commercial and fake. Beyond that, they are just plain impractical.

The envelopes don't fit anything more than a single conversation heart in them. I mean, really, who sends ONE measly, chalky heart with a legit Valentine? Do you want your child to be laughed out of the classroom?

Because I'm also cheap and don't want to spend my good money on crappy cardboard to send to kids who are just going to throw it all away, I find myself trying to create simple yet effective substitutes for these types of events.

Enter pink and red candy corns, snack size plastic baggies, striped paper sacks, and some left over ribbon from Christmas.

I used the serving size recommendation to help me know the total amount I would need. Then, I divided it up among the 20 bags and started filling. Each bag has EXACTLY the same amount because I didn't want to hear any "he got more than me" crap.

Corns in plastic. Corns in paper sack. 

Lop off the extra from the bags.
Fold over the top, punch two holes, tie ribbon.

Twenty cheap and fast bags filled with the only thing those kids care about: sugar.


LWR said...

way cute! great idea!

Rafahi Family said...

Wow, nice! I on the other hand half-assed it. If I felt better I think I would have put more thought into it. But I did buy Ash a bag of Sweet Tart suckers to tape to the Transformer Valentines he gave. So I guess it wasn't so bad.

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